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Microsoft-Extractor-Suite documentation!

Microsoft-Extractor-Suite is a fully-featured, actively-maintained, Powershell tool designed to streamline the process of collecting all necessary data and information from various sources within Microsoft.


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Supported sources



Unified Audit Log

The unified audit log contains user, group, application, domain, and directory activities performed in the Microsoft 365 admin center or in the Azure management portal.

Admin Audit Log

Administrator audit logging records when a user or administrator makes a change in your organization (in the Exchange admin center or by using cmdlets).

Mailbox Audit Log

Mailbox audit logs are generated for each mailbox that has mailbox audit logging enabled. This tracks all user actions on any items in a mailbox.

Message Trace Log

The message tracking log contains messages as they pass through the organization.

OAuth Permissions

OAuth is a way of authorizing third-party applications to login into user accounts.

Inbox Rules

Inbox rules process messages in the inbox based on conditions and take actions such as moving a message to a specified folder or deleting a message.

Transport Rules

Transport rules take action on messages while they’re in transit.

Azure Active Directory sign-in log

Gets the Azure Active Directory sign-in log.

Azure Active Directory Audit Log

Gets the Azure Active Directory audit log.

Azure Activity Log

Gets the Azure Activity log.

Retrieve other relevant information




Retrieves the MFA status for all users.

User information

Retrieves the creation time and date of the last password change for all users.

Risky users

Retrieves the risky users.

Risky Detections

Retrieves the risky detections from the Entra ID Identity Protection.

Conditional Access Policies

Retrieves all the conditional access policies.

Admin users/roles

Retrieves Administrator directory roles, including the identification of users associated with each specific role.


Get a specific email.


Get a specific attachment.

Getting Started

To get started with the Microsoft-Extractor-Suite tool, make sure the requirements are met. If you do not have the Connect-ExchangeOnline or/and Connect-AzureAD installed check the installation page.

Install the Microsoft-Extractor-Suite toolkit:

Install-Module -Name Microsoft-Extractor-Suite

To import the Microsoft-Extractor-Suite:

Import-Module .\Microsoft-Extractor-Suite.psd1

Additionally, you must sign-in to Microsoft 365 or Azure depending on your usage before M365-Toolkit functions are made available. To sign in, use the cmdlets:


Getting Help

Have a bug report or feature request? Open an issue on the Github repository.